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The Etic Italia Renewable Energy Park

One of the most technologically advanced Ecocentres in Italy, the Etic Italia Renewable Energy Park was created to INSPIRE, INFORM and PRACTICE a sustainable lifestyle.
Constructed using energy-efficient materials and powered entirely by renewable energy technologies, the Centre is an example of a project designed as a model for educational and research  purposes.



Our study holidays, day visits and courses offer a unique opportunity to learn more about environmental  problems and how they can be solved.



To demonstrate that sustainable building, energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy technologies, organically-grown food and waste recycling don’t necessarily imply privations or prohibitively high costs. On the contrary, they make possible a high standard of living and improved quality of life while respecting and safeguarding the environment.

Climate upheaval and increasing pollution levels, caused in part by the indiscriminate consumption of non-renewable energy sources, were the catalysts that motivated us to create this project.  

The centre represents an integrated model of a variety of solutions that can be applied to create a sustainable building:


The project’s objectives are to achieve low energy consumption levels, improve the quality of the indoor living environment and limit the emission of pollutants into the external environment, while preserving the typical architectural characterstics of the traditional Umbrian farmhouse.


All the renewable energy installations and applications operating inside the 10 hectares of park and at the guests’ and visitors’ facilities have been designed and built for educational purposes as well as practical use. Each one has its own information display panel.



With the aim of raising the awareness of the commercial sector of the need to pay greater attention to producing eco-compatibile products, a number of companies have decided to test their materials and sophisticated technical solutions for energy-saving at our Centre.




A unique experience: living solely with the sun and the wind.

Solar collectors, photovoltaic cells, micro wind turbines, solar conservatories, rainwater harvesting and thermal mass floor heating provide all the building’s energy, making it totally energy self-sufficient. Part of the Centre’s programme for visitors, the Zero Energy House is also home to the Park’s visitors. Outside is a display panel complete with tables and graphics that explains simply and clearly what the systems installed inside are for and how they work.



Another good reason to spend a day at the Centre is to visit the:

Environmental Technology Park

An integral part of the project is the farm, where experimentation is carried out with the alternative energy sources that provide all the power required for the agricultural activities.

Completely independent of the electricity grid and the mains water supply, the farm grows the Centre’s organic produce using only the energy of the sun, rain and the power of the wind.

The educational walkways through the olive groves, orchards and officinal herb gardens enable the visitor to understand how the installations work.

Visitors can see:


Special attention has been paid to evaluating the ecological footprint of each of the different alternative solutions used.


E1       Forest
E2       ETIC Main Building
E3       Natural Pool
E4       Theatre
E5       Recreation Area
E6       Living quarters
E7       Barnyard
E8       Solar Conservatory
E9       Olive Groves
E10     Workshop
E11     Archeological Orchard
E12     Soft Fruit
E13     Greenhouse

E14     Vegetables

E15     Vineyard

E16     Solar Well

E17     Composting
E18     Horse Riding Center
E19     Natural Grass





Courses are held by experts throughout the year on various subjects:

Introductory courses on the parameters of the energy-efficient home
Short courses and seminars on sustainable architecture
Courses on water saving and natural water treatment systems
Courses on optimising the thermal insulation of buildings
Courses on the DIY construction of small sustainable buildings
Courses for installation technicians.
Environmental orientation programmes for schools
Nutrition courses with an emphasis on organic produce
Study camps and workshops for primary, middle and secondary school students.


Apart from its specifically educational activites, the centre also has modern furnished apartments, a restaurant and a fully-equipped conference room.

In line with the Centre’s guiding principles, guests enjoy their stay here in surroundings of rare beauty and a structure in total harmony with nature.

Accommodation for residents and guests has been created inside an old traditional farmhouse, retrofitted using ultra-modern techniques that render technological innovation compatible with the environment, preserving the architectural character of the original structure and its natural surroundings.

The landscape in this part of Umbria is very varied, ranging from Mediterranean woods to cultivated terraces, from olive groves to the synergetic vegetable garden, orchard and innumerable varieties of officinal herbs.

While they enjoy the beauties of Umbria and a totally relaxing holiday, guests become involved in the life of the Centre, enhancing their environmental awareness and learning to evaluate the implications of their own patterns of energy use.

The restaurant serves organic produce grown on the property.

How to reach us:

Etic Italia is located in Umbria, halfway between Todi and Amelia at an altitude of 560m in the council district of Guardea. Set in an unspoilt rural area far from any pollution-generating industrial activity,  the property covers an area of 10 hectares.

Etic Italia Centro Sviluppo Energia alternative
Vocabolo Inano Frattuccia Guardea 05020 (TR)
tel/fax: +39 0744 945071
mail: scrivi@etici.org

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